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Gertrude the Great (or Saint Gertrude of Helfta) (Italian: Santa Gertrude) (January 6, 1256 – ca. 1302) was a German Benedictine, mystic, and theologian.

Shooting the Messenger
Nov 18, 2009. tragic events that have unfolded at Saint Gertrude the Great Church, . the Great Church, yes, even if this means misrepresenting the facts of .

Revelations of St Gertrude the Great - Our Lord appeared to her ...
The Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great form one of the classics of Catholic writing. This mystical writing has a message clear and obvious, for this book states .

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Saint Gertrude the Great . In fact without my devotion to St. Gertrude, I very much doubt I would be here on the world-wide web or even a believing Catholic.

ZENIT - On St. Gertrude
Oct 6, 2010 . On St. Gertrude. . English > See information . St. Gertrude the Great, about whom I would like to speak today, takes us also this week to the .

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Large searchable database of information on Catholic saints. Saints, Catholic . St. Anthony Mary Claret · St. Anthony of . St. Gertrude the Great · St. Gregory the .

Saint Gertrude - Catholic Saints
Concise Biography, Dates, facts and information about Saint Gertrude. . Her life was one of great and almost continual suffering, and her longing to be with .

Saint Gertrude of Helfta: Biography
Saint Gertrude from Helfta, said the Great, was born in Eisleben (Turingia) in 1256 . to the fact that he had worked beyond the permission of the Father Superior, .

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In A Capsule
Dec 2, 2009 . The Saint Gertrude the Great Information website opened to provide parishioners of Saint Gertrude the Great Church with information about this .

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happy feast day st gertrude the great. thank you for guiding us during our visit . for my conformation i will be receiving next year. thank you for your information .

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. Albert the Great and the parishioners and principals of St. Gertrude the Great. . (As a matter of fact, please don't trouble to answer me, just delete this, but do .

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Keeping It Catholic - The Blog!: A Thousand Souls: St. Gertrude's ...
Nov 4, 2008 . One prayer, most commonly called "St. Gertrude's Prayer," was dictated by Our . (From Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great) . Those are facts.

The Firing of Another Teacher
Dec 4, 2009 . The situation at Saint Gertrude the Great Church and School has reached . according to "inside" information, is continuing with a vengeance, .

St. Gertrude the Great. GET THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA ON CD-ROM. This entire website is available on CD-ROM. Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, .

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